Who Will Yashraj Mukhate Collab With Next? Here Are Our Top 8 Suggestions!

Catchy, hilarious and a groovy bop. Are these words enough to describe trendsetter Yashraj Mukhate’s incredible music?  He has the uncanny ability to convert the simplest of stuff into stellar hit tracks, and leave everyone yearning for more!

Ever since he shot to fame, he has released several iconic hits. Fans are not just reel-ing from his tunes but it has become a part of slang. Yashraj Mukhate’s fans do include legends like Ranveer Singh and Disha Patani. Now bringing you a list of artist Yashraj’s Fans would love to see him collab with…

Want to see the list of his best videos so far? You can see handpicked Yashraj Mukhate’s Best tracks here.

FANtastic collabs fans would love to see in 2021!

  1. Neha Kakkar: A sensational hindi playback singer. Imagine her vocals with Yashraj’s track. It would be a match made in heaven! Keep your fingers crossed for this one!
  2. Armaan Malik: Recently having made his debut in Hollywood music as well, this young star’s gorgeous music would be an interesting complement to that of Yashraj’s. Can’t you hear the Armaanians and Yashraj’s fans squealing with delight about this amazing duo!
  3. Vidya Vox: A spicy blend of Indian and American, the fusion star has some beautiful hits and covers. Don’t you think a mashup made by them would be incredible and surely brighten all of our home quarantines!
  4. Shirley Setia: Indo-Kiwi singer, RJ and a pop culture icon who was called Bollywood’s next big singing sensation by Forbes. They could make some amazing tunes together; don’t you agree?
  5. Ashish Chanchlani: This side-splitting comedian has an array of comedic ideas that would go perfectly with Yashraj’s style of teasing music. The huge and overlapping fanbase would surely break the internet yet again.
  6. BB ki Vines: Who could give more iconic material than the amazing Bhuvan Bam? His works resonate with millennials and Gen-Z alike, and with Yashraj, their beats would be legendary!
  7. Guru Randhawa: Can’t think of how crazy it will be, when a guy with such swag along with explosive beats could join hands to make a rap masterpiece of the ages together! This one is guaranteed to be played at every ‘pawri’ in town!
  8. DIVINE: Gully Gang with YM is absolutely a Bhot Hard combo. Ekdam machenge bhai. What’s your take?

This is giving good vibes for sure. It would be delightful to see such collabs, but till then find out who was in Rasoda and just PAWRI bro!

And, do tell us who would you like Yashraj to collab with in the future?


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