When AR Rahman said, “Biggest Fan Ever”

Sa…re..ga…ma – every beat seems to thrum throughout your body, each note soothes your senses, world seems divine and you travel into a different zone, which only happens when you are listening the legend – AR Rahman sir. The master of melodies. It is as if the divinity that Rahmanji pulls from is woven into the core of his music.

Good musicians sing from the heart, but the songs of truly great musicians seem to pour out from the soul. Every song of his seems to transport the mind into another place, with a perfect blend of experimentation, and nostalgic rhythms.

His hits (to the infinite) Maa Tujhe Salaam, Muquaabla, Taal se Taal Mila, or the evergreen Chhaiya Chhaiya, Roja, Tu Hi Re all seem to forge a deep connection to us, and leave us with goosebumps and aura of purity (which we are not sure you can ever find otherwise).

Such artists are made just like diamonds. They start off under pressure, and at the end no one can take away their shine!

All the pressure and hard work is always worth it when fans across the world appreciate, and pour so much love forth. Hardly anyone who has heard Rahman’s song would have not become a fan of him. But there are some special fans who always put their idols before everyone and leave with nothing but lifelong memories.

An ardent fan and lover of Rahman’s music, Chanderr bought a BMW car and got a custom ‘I LOVE ARR’ inscribed on the number plate. He had a ‘Choti si aasha’ of showcasing in a small way exactly how much hope Rahman had brought to his life, but could never in his wildest dreams have imagined that this way his photo tweet would make its way to AR Rahman himself!

This Rahman fan who was so struck by his connection to him, that when he finally bought his dream car, he dedicated it to his lifelong idol!


His one innocent post on twitter captioned “@arrahman I might be your biggest fan ever. Today I bought my dream car and I knew I’d cherish it for a long time. I wanted the car to have my idol’s name on it. Thank you for changing my life with your music. #ARRahman” And he got lucky enough to catch the maestro’s eye.

You can imagine, Chanderr’s joy knew no bounds when AR Rahman replied with “Mubaarak God Bless” and asked him to “Drive Safely.”

It is a well-known fact that Rahman is a very gentle and spiritual person, and his humility is unmatched.

In the middle of the jam-packed schedule of the Cannes International Film Festival, the very fact that he recognized and took out the time to reply with care and concern to a tweet is in itself a huge compliment!

This is the the biggest gesture from a superfan of Rahman, and so it was reverted from Rahman to his Super fan Chanderr, to make his dream come true!

Don’t you think he is the Biggest fan ever?

Or do you think you’re the one? Well, until we hear something that can beat this one, we can’t agree. If you have such incredible fan stories, then share them with us!


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