Viraj Ghelani- The Internet’s beloved Gujju-boy nextdoor!

Gujju- millennial Viraj Ghelani’s authentic and invigorating sense of humour provides us with the escapism and comfort we all are looking for. Making someone laugh is truly a gift and Viraj Ghelani for sure abounds with this talent. 

If you don’t know him, you are clearly living under a very large rock. Viraj has garnered the attention of millions across the nation on his social media platforms. He is one of the most renowned content creators in India and has worked with Pocketaces’s – FilterCopy, DiceMedia and Gobble. Viraj is also known for his work for Netflix’s Little Things, What The Folks and Adulting to name a few. On his That’s so Viraj YouTube channel is the next where he regularly uploads sketches, podcasts and so much more. If you laugh with somebody, then you know you share something. Perhaps that is why all his fans relate to him and share a special bond with him.

If you consider yourself his fan, here is something for you – Official Viraj Ghelani Merch including the famous “Netflix and Naasto” T-shirt which he wears like his skin. So, get a hold of his merchandise and spread the joy wherever you go! 

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