Twadda Dream Engineer, Sadda Dream Musician- Yashraj Mukhate’s Success Story!

Banging kitchen utensils together to create ‘music’ for our childlike ears is an early memory that all of you must have. But the journey from the noisy cacophony of pots and pans to being an established musician is not an easy one. Only a handful of the lakhs of talented people in this country get the chance to pursue their true dream.

Early footsteps:

This dream began for Yashraj Mukhate at the tender age of 3 years. Children often form an attachment to early toys, and many of us have a raggedy soft toy or doll tucked away in some corner of our house as testimony to that. Hence, it is no surprise that when his baba got young Yashraj a piano, it became his new prize possession. Carrying it with him everywhere, he would play on it all the time. He says that even then, he knew he wanted to be a musician!

A Hurdle in the Tracks:

You may be familiar with the phrase- “Pehele engineering le lo beta, baad mein jo karna hai karo.” As per the wishes of his parents, Yashraj went into engineering to finish his studies before venturing into music. Yet, even the heavy workload of science couldn’t keep him away from his passion. Like many millennial of this era, he turned to scouring YouTube for videos to perfect his musical prowess.

The Turning Point:

Much like the youthful ideology that you can ‘make music out of anything’, Yashraj used everything from digital software’s to bowls and chocolate wrappers. Over time, he began making song covers and posting them online. He was making jingles and small videos when one opportunity came by that changed his life. He said, “I saw the Kokila Ben’s video, the dialogue already had a rhythm to it, so I worked on the dialogue for a day and posted it online the next morning. I switched off my phone after that.”

Abhi Toh Pawri Shuru Hui Hai:

As his phone began to blow up when the video went viral, he realized this could be his lucky break! However, being sensible he guessed it was just a few minutes of fame, and the hype would die down. Life had other plans though, and fans like you began pouring in, showing a great deal of enthusiasm for his work. Several of his beats and tracks went viral in a big way, leading him straight to stardom and helping him fulfill his long awaited dream!

Advice he swears by:

Life is unpredictable! You never know what opportunities are going to come your way. Grab them with both hands and work hard towards fulfilling your passions! He and his friends still laugh about the fact that out of everything he created, it was a ‘rasoda’ video that went viral, but life works in mysterious ways… Embrace it!


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