Top 6 Must-Watch Yashraj Mukhate Tracks!

A. R. Rehman and Shreya Ghoshal can’t stop praising him, he is witty, he is talented and moreover he is trendsetter. It’s his skill of taking something so ordinary and turning it into a spoof which blows up on the internet every time he posts something. However, his music breakdowns and acapella versions truly showcase his range as an artist, and that is why we have compiled a list to help you get to know Yashraj Mukhate- the iconic trendsetter of 2020. 

1. Insaaf (Acapella) ft. Rekha Bhardwaj

No instruments used at all, every sound effect was created just by his mouth. And yet the harmonies blend so well. This video also features the national award winning singer Rekha Bhardwaj who sounds just like an angel. By doing something completely different, Yashraj has shown his range as an artist and the dedication he has towards his craft.

2. Rasoda

The remix that made everyone groove and laugh around. The one that gave birth to countless memes and jokes. The remix that you were sharing with all your friends. Nobody ever derived this much joy from listening to Kokila Ben before but just with a few beats Yashraj was able to make us stick in her head. And that’s on his talent.

3. Pawri

The latest remix that took the internet by storm. I am sure you would have seen the hilarious Instagram reels inspired by this one. Listen to this one before starting your party and say it loud and clear “Yeh hamari pawri ho rahi hai” just to get everyone on the same energy level and then sway to the beats of your amazing playlist.

4. Kya karun itni sundar hoon toh 

Yet another example of how he is able to turn a simple dialogue and by adding beats to it can turn it into a meme machine. “Kya karoon itni sundar hoon” will be playing in your head on repeat. Even Katrina Kaif can’t deny.

5. Biggini shoot 

“Which shoot?” “Biggini shoot”. This remix was done to play around with the mispronunciation of words and quickly seized everyone’s attention. The reaction of the interviewer will surely make you crack up. We fans are so glad about this one as well !!! It would have been such a loss if she had said the word bikini. We wouldn’t have this precious remix.

6. Sadda Kutta Kutta – Twada Kutta Tommy? 

Bigoss house is full of entertainment, ofcourse. But this piece is absolute hilarious and fun. Combination of the dhol beats from the film Mohabbatein is a cherry on the cake. While Shehnaaz Gill is addressing her fight with Tommy we can’t stop using this beat in every argument whatsoever.

Didn’t that leave you stunned and also laughing uncontrollably? We hope it brightened up your day. So would it be right to say that even you are a fan now? I think we all know you are. So go ahead and keep grooving to those catchy beats all day. 


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