Top 5 Most Iconic Quotes from Scam 1992

The most watched series on Sony Liv platform of all time. Scam 1992 was all over the internet in 2020. Let’s be honest, we all watched it in one go. So here are the top five dialogues for your trip down the memory lane.

1. Risk Hai Toh Ishq Hai

This quote truly encapsulates the strength and courage required to take risks if you want to grow and succeed in any area.

2. Success Kya Hai, Failure Ke Baad Ka Chapter Hai

This line teaches us to be persistent and consistent in our efforts. To not view failure as the end of something but a detour in the right direction.

3. Profit Dikhta Hai Toh Har Koi Jhukta Hai

The changes that money brings with it. This quote helps us understand that poverty is not just about a lack of money but also a lack of power. It’s the resource that helps you to remain influential and also control who stays in the game. This quote will stay relevant forever.

4. Dekho Main Cigarette Nahi Peeta, Par Jeb Main Lighter Zarur Rakhta Hoon, Dhamaka Karne Ke Liye

You never know what life may present you with next. Being excited and prepared for what’s about to happen will always help you ace everything. And what’s living life without causing a bit of ruckus and drama anyway.

5. Emotion Main Insan Hamesha Galti Karta Hai

The importance of analytical thinking and logical reasoning to make smart and effective decisions is conveyed here. This one was said about those investors who become anxious easily and make choices driven by fears instead of carefully considering facts first.

Didn’t this take you back to the time when you were finally watching a story that excited you and kept you hooked throughout. The lines clearly reflect the talented script writers. Anyways we are back on our way to binge watch the show again and deck up in our fav Scam 1992 Merch. What about you?


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