The Top 7 Viraj Ghelani Collabs- Double the Masti, Double the Laughs!

What’s your YouTube feed says? In fact, it says more about your taste! In fact, if you are not binging on the best of the best of Viraj Ghelani’s content, then what are you even consuming?

You may have seen his videos / reels and are certain to have enjoyed them wholeheartedly! The only thing that could possibly be better than his work, is double the fun. Imagine double the masti, double the drama, and double the entertainment! That is exactly what following list of curated and all-time-FAN favorite Viraj Ghelani collabs with famous content creators. Grab some popcorn, and buckle in for a fun ride, and be sure to scroll to the end for an extra fun surprise!

  1. The first mention on this list needs to go to one of the biggest Hollywood A-List Celebrities out there. Playing in the big leagues now, Viraj interviewed the famous singer Katy Perry recently, and the heart-warming video is a must watch for every fan. From Covid and 2020 to Indian food and time zones, they discuss it all! Katy emphasized the fact that a smile is the true window to the soul, and Viraj’s was certainly as bright and full of mischief as ever!
  2. Who hasn’t heard of BB ki Vines? If you haven’t, you might be missing out, because this beloved Indian creator is all the rage. Bhuvan Bam’s videos are hilarious, and in the light of recent events, this TikTok themed video along with Viraj can make you laugh till you cry. A must-watch for all the Gen-Z and Millennials out there!
  3. It’s that time of the year in the life of student, yes you heard it right, Exams! The next video is in collaboration with Ashish Chanchlani. It takes you back to your college days This video is too good to be true, that you will relate it max, as it says all about every student’s exam preparations.
  4. The next place has to go to this trio of videos which we think are some of the best, and most relatable out there. Viraj’s incredible appearances in FilterCopy’s famous series ‘When you date a’ are as follows:i) Maharashtrian girl: Marathi as a language always has a spectacular rough edge to it that makes it extremely fun to talk in. This amazing collab with Mrinmayee Godbole from BhaDiPa is a rollercoaster ride from start to finish. From vadapav to lezim, this video oozes hard-core Marathi vibes! Gujarati guy: Of course, this list would be incomplete without at least one of our favorite gujju boy’s signature Gujarati videos. This video ft. Devika Vatsa is iconic material from start to finish. With dandiya and theplas playing prominent feature roles, and of course with special appearance of Netflix and Naasto this one is as fun as it promises to be!

    iii) Malyali: Nayana Shyam is another well-known creator, and her sassy sarcasm never fails to disappoint. South Indians have always had a cool vibe, and you are sure to relate hard to the fights about whether South movies are better, and the pronunciation errors galore if you see this one!

  5. Up next we have a match made in heaven, with Sheeba Chadda. Known for her cracking wit, she and Viraj make the coolest pair. Watch them cook up mischief as they try to guess slang and then banter their way around a kitchen together!
  6. Ever been in a conversation and something just slips out of your mouth? Cue the instant cringe. Don’t you wish you had a time machine to go back a few seconds and fix your blunder? Prajakta Koli, also known as MostlySane is a world famous Indian influencer you are sure to have heard of. Her recent collab with Viraj explores exactly this concept in a brilliantly fun sketch.
  7. Think of your best friend, and the person who comes to mind is sure to be that perennially annoying, silly and fun one who shares life’s every joy and sorrow with you. They may drive you nuts, but you’re crazy together, and at the end of the day you know they’ve got your back. However, there are some things you simply should not say to your bff because the temptation may be too great for them to resist. Watch this collab with Raunak Ramteke to laugh and learn!  

Surprise Video:

Do you see characters and instantly start shipping them? Does your matchmaking mode activate automatically as you go “aww so sweet”?? Well, then get ready because your heart may just burst from the cuteness overload that is this video.

Set up on a blind date, watch our favorite creator Viraj Ghelani meet and interact with singer Sharvi Yadav. The two hit it off spectacularly, and make an adorable pair. It’s not often you get to sit-in on a date that’s not yours, and the chances of it being one of your idols is even slimmer. So… enjoy the treat!

We hope this list made you smile! If you would like to check out some of his extra special merch, you can do so right here.

Happy Watching!


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