The Surprise of a Lifetime – The Story of an Ardent Viraj Ghelani Fan

I started watching his (Viraj Ghelani) videos a long time ago when he had around 67k followers. Being a Gujarati, I found his content very relatable. His authenticity and genuineness is so refreshing and differentiates him from other content creators. He is loved and adored by every member in my family as well. We watch all his YouTube videos and even his Instagram reels on the TV together. I have watched his “Things all Gujju moms say” video countless times with my parents. And we still continue to crack up every single time.

When I heard that he is dropping his own merchandise, I jumped with excitement. I was the first person to buy it. As soon as I heard the phrase “Netflix and Naasto” it struck a chord with me because Naasto (snacks) is a huge part of every Gujarati’s life. I had also wanted to drop an original song for a long time, which is why I thought of making a song on this phrase. I worked on the song in the same afternoon as I received my Netflix and Naasto tshirt and uploaded it on my Instagram in the evening. I didn’t expect anything to happen. The next day I found out that Viraj had commented on my post and even uploaded it on his story. I was exhilarated and it took some time for me to process what had just happened. My phone was blowing up with messages from my friends and relatives who wanted to break the news to me. The next few days were spent replaying those moments in my head again and again. But I thought that was the end of it. However I didn’t know what was about to follow next.

After some days, I received a parcel in the morning. It seemed bizarre but I thought to myself that it might be from a friend. When I opened it, to my utter amazement, it was a parcel from the Creative Ideas Store containing a Netflix and Naasto newly launched sweatshirt and a handwritten note from Viraj. It is virtually impossible for me to describe the emotions I felt when I saw it. I was brimming with joy unable to believe something like this could ever happen to me. I am so grateful to Viraj and the team for the gift. I own almost all of his merch products and having one of them gifted feels so special. As a fan it feels so good to do something for the person you love and adore and get something back in return is just another world to me.

The merchandise keeps me connected to these experiences and memories while also allowing me to show the world what I love and gives me the freedom to be myself. The merch products are definitely a huge part of my story and fan experience.


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