The most Impactful Rhymes of Rhyming Rakesh Tiwari!

“Poets are the sense, philosophers and the intelligence of humanity”- Samuel Beckett. This quote for sure describes the very talented Rakesh Tiwari who with his sensible, inclusive and wise articulates the profound depth of emotions and touches our hearts. Here are some of his poems that will leave you amazed.

1. Tab Likhna

Has it ever happened that somebody has had the same idea as you? The creative process is truly magical. Something similar happened with Rakesh Tiwari too. When he wrote his poem “Tab Likhna” he hadn’t read Charles Bukowski’s poem “so you want to be a writer”. Later on when he read that poem he realized he had put forward similar opinions and ideas in his poem as well. That is when he decided to dedicate “Tab Likhna” to Bukowski. One of the most powerful pieces on the art of writing which encourages all of us to indulge in art and the conversations surrounding its importance.

2. Missing

More than one lakh children go missing in India every year. This statistic should be horrifying for all of us. But somehow it isn’t. Somehow we accept this reality and go about our life as normal individuals. Somehow we ignore the faces on the posters which read “Missing”. Somehow we do not feel the urge to get to know them. In this masterpiece Rakesh tell us to attention to the stories of people around us and do the best we can to reunite some lost souls with their families.

3. Accha Aadmi Tha

The digital age might connect you to a lot of people but fails to bind us together. We may be close yet are actually drifting apart. The fundamental quality that helps us to maintain our relationship is what most of us are missing. The ability to truly listen, pay attention to and care about what the other person is saying. The hard hitting words serve as a wake up for all us to make the extra efforts, to do more than just share memes, to actually care and look after loved ones and to provide them with the help and support they require when they feel they are drowning in the darkness of sorrow.

4. Rona Seekho

On October 10th 2018, The Mental Health foundation put forward its 5th celebration of World’s Mental Health Day. It provided a platform for people to learn and engage in discussions about mental health. And on this occasion Rakesh Tiwari with his short yet impact verses put taught us the importance of expressing our emotions. He articulated his opinion about the gender stereotypes due to which men often hide their tears and pain away. This poem was a liberating experience for everybody because it reminded them to truly feel and express their emotions- the thing that makes us human.

5. Jungle Jungle Aag Lagi Thi

The number of fires burning the Brazilian Amazon increased 28 per cent in July 2020 over the previous year, according to INPE, Brazil’s national research space agency. Such news articles have become an everyday occurrence. Some of us still continue to deny the drastic changes caused by climate change. Rakesh with his thought provoking piece forces us to think about the damage we have caused to nature just because of our greed for profit. But in this fight no matter how much one gains, we all are eventually doomed to lose if we continue to operate the way we do.

We are pretty sure you enjoyed listening to this wonder of joy and pain with a dash of dictionary. People like Rakesh are the ones who constantly shape the world, point at happiness and sorrow and prevent the world from going to sleep. And that is why he is so admired by his fans.


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