The “Jati Rehje” Guy – The Story of a Superfan turned Memer!

My obsession with The Comedy Factory started when a friend sent me one of their videos. It was so hilarious that I immediately started following them on YouTube, Instagram and other social platforms. I started watching the videos they consistently uploaded every week on their YouTube channel. From the accent to the script, everything reflected my culture and hence I find it so easy to connect with them as well as their content. It seemed as though they weren’t strangers on the internet but people whom I had known for years because of the way they spoke and where they came from.

These similarities just deepened my love for their content. Especially the phrase “Jati Rehje”. I heard it in one of their movie reviews. I found it highly amusing and fell in love with it. Over time saying “Jati Rehje” just became my habit. And that is why now even my family and friends use the phrase while talking to me because everybody is aware of my love and passion for TCF. And that phrase is part of my crazy fan story as well. I have included it in my various memes like this one.

Making memes are my ways to show how much I love and engage with the content my favorite artists produce and it is a way I experience the beautiful joy of being in and contributing to a fandom.

Fan: Chintan Mehta, CA from Mumbai


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