The Best Collection of Viraj Ghelani’s Artistic Fanart!

There are high chances that you’re still giggling about Viraj’s latest video, and still waiting with bated breath for his next skit to drop.

Here are some more interesting things by Viraj Ghelani’s fans who are artistically inclined have gone above and beyond in this time frame to come up with the most stunning art pieces!

Have a look at some of the best Viraj Ghelani’s Fanart exclusively curated for you, here you go!


There is attention to detail in this piece that really brings the portrait to life! Being a professional architect, it is easy to imagine this artist has put a lot of time and effort into this piece, and it truly shines through, because he has managed to render it in the most lifelike manner possible.


” Jo Sab Ko hasataa hai, uske chehre par ek halki si smile laaneki choti si khoshish💕”

This was the inspiration behind the piece made by this fan who loves handmade gifts. She has managed to capture the spirit of Viraj in a beautiful medley that is sure to impress you.


Be-leaf in yourself! This artist has used a very unique medium to make a gorgeous portrait. The precise cutting into the leaf gives a latticework impression and reveals a delicate masterpiece at the end!


What a dynamic pose! The minimalist play of light and shadows gives this portrait an awesome effect. Amazing job!


Here’s a wonderfully shaded portrait that captures Viraj’s mischievous personality perfectly! This young artist from New Delhi has used just a simple pencil to create a masterpiece. Impressive, isn’t it!


We live by the slogan of Netflix and Naasto- the 2 most important things in life 😉 This art is by a freelance graphic designer who wholeheartedly agrees! Do you?


Here’s a piece by a young self-taught artist who adores Bollywood and has made this exceptional black and white piece. Would you say it reflects Viraj’s dynamics in detail?


Here’s a man with a doctor’s brain and an artist’s heart who says- “I have seen his every video and laughed myself out. Most entertaining Youtuber!” This intriguing perspective art also shows us a new perspective of the huge and varied fanbase Viraj has!


Be Bold! Here is a graphic designer who has used his specialization in cool vector art and effects to create a strong statement redefining the boundaries of art.

This spunky artist gives us a detailed pencil sketch of her favourite male creator and says-” Suno gujju chokro, Aap aur aapke content ekdum 💯” Well, True Viraj’s fan!


Up next is something by an upcoming artist experimenting with a variety of mediums. She made this bold piece, and now declares Viraj as “One of the best content creators!” We have to agree!


This is a psychedelic treat for the eyes by a caricature artist who has their own unique style and flair. They’ve even included Viraj’s iconic merch in their work!

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Like Viraj’s content, we hope these eye-catching new takes inspired you to think outside the box today!

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