Sabka bhai Mawali Bhai!

Kya bol reli hai publeeeak

We have all heard this line while listening to the radio in our car to cope up the traffic boredom. The OG Mawali Bhai of Radio AKA SlimShetty has entertained us with his quirky phrases and slang from the streets of Mumbai. He also has his own podcast called “Bhai ke Rapchik Reviews” which ranked among the Top 5 podcasts on JioSaavn. On his podcast he reviews the recent movies he watched with his incomparable style which is sure to make you chuckle. He is a passionate foodie and has also teamed up TLC India for their “Hungry for Home Cooked” episodes. Kirthi Shetty is truly an embodiment of creativity and innovation who knows the art of communicating and establishing connections with audiences through his words. Mawali Inc. is another example of it. Be the part of #BachchiGang.

Are you a part of his fandom? Then you have to get yourself the Official Mawali Merchandise. Make sure to wear it the next time you are hanging out with your “bantai”  

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