Our Top Yashraj Mukhate FANart Curated Especially for You!

You have probably fallen in love with Yashraj’s quirky sense of humour where he turns random videos into viral beats. In fact, there’s a good chance that you are still bobbing your head along to the cool tracks you played at your last ‘Pawri’.

So here are some amazing pieces made by super fans who love art just as much as they love his music and have worked wonders to create beatific masterpieces!

Have a look at some of these stellar works, as they are sure to inspire your artistic side too!



Everyone adored the new hit song Yashraj had dropped for us during quarantine! Here is a realistic poster with bold contrasting colors which makes this a top favorite for all the fans!



This piece of art uses graphite and charcoal to make the portrait come to life! The vibrant expression on this one truly captures unbridled joy, and perfectly paints Yashraj’s exuberant personality.

@30escapetheordinary @create_and_escape


Have you ever seen such cool three dimensional art? Made by an architectural designer and a digital artist, this unique piece catches the eye instantly with its vibrant colors and reflects the multifaceted personality of Yashraj, as well as its creators and the huge fan base!



Here’s a piece by a self-taught sketch artist who has made a hyper realistic portrait of his idol and says he is “One of the most creative, and one of my favorite music producers.” We agree!



You may not know the feeling of putting a ‘khali cooker’ on the gas, but you certainly know the joy we feel when a new video drops, and the artist too says he can’t wait to see “what this genius is cooking up next”! This bold artwork is both funny and eye-catching, making it hilarious!



Imagine making this whole intricately rendered portrait sketch with only a 1B Pencil! This self-taught artist took up the challenge sportingly, and says it is dedicated to “The guy who made our 2020 better”!



This impressionistic caricature was made as a celebration of Yashraj leaping from 30K to 500K followers in just 3 days! The artist says it’s “Just a small effort of my skills to make you feel special 🤭 the song KOKILABEN is already a hit all over the India and people are excited to see your next video” We are sure you have also sung the catchy hit nonstop in the past!



The soft blending and muted tones of this artwork make it soothing and extremely pleasing to view. This visual arts specialist has made a beautiful portrait as an ode to our favorite music producer, composer and social media personality!



Saw Yashraj’s latest quarantine video? It truly brought a ray of sunshine to our day in uncertain times! This artist was inspired by Yashraj’s musical talent and decided to make a minimalist sketch capturing her love for it.



“Casual Music Tha, Phir best music hogaya😍🎶” is what this artist says about Yashraj, and it’s probable that you wholeheartedly agree! This artist’s use of bold colours and minimalist styles makes for a very interesting piece indeed.

The diverse range of fanarts, certainly gives the feel of huge outpouring love for Yashraj. He has inspired countless fans, who have turned their passion into art. We hope these pieces invoked a new line of thought for you as well!

Have we missed any of fanarts? Simply share with us, we too don’t want miss out the best piece out there. Are you Yashraj’s Fan? Click here to Pawri!


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