Our Top Catchy Picks by Gully Gang!

“Music is your own experience, thoughts and wisdom. If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of you.”- Charlie Parker. And you will realize that is precisely the case when you closely listen to Gully Gang’s music. Here are their top 5 songs which reflects their brutal honesty but with the same swag and style we all love.

1. Nahi Pata

This is the murmur of the land. A piece of art that showcases the reality of people of our country. The poor and the helpless have no hope. The merciless system of greed at the hands of which millions suffer every year. It also showcases the effect the pandemic has had on us. The thought provoking and impact visuals leave you wondering about the stories of the people who are merely existing but do not get to live life as they want to. But Gully Gang also leaves us with a glimmer of hope. Perhaps sharing their stories and understanding them is the first step to progress.


2. Gully gang Cypher Vol 2

What happens when some of the most powerful and influential artists collaborate? Cypher Vol 2 is the answer. The track features eight iconic artists – MC Altaf, Sledge, Saifan, Sammohit, D’Evil, Shah Rule, Frenzzy and Divine. The mind blowing verses and the amazing beats is what makes this a fan favorite.


3. Brinks

“Whole lotta gang shit in India ” we are sure that after listening to this song the phrase would be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. The catchy beats and lyrics are what makes this track impossible to forget. Elvis Brown has done a spectacular job while D’Evil and MC Altaf also have performed in a way which will be stamped on your memory forever.


4. Meri Alag Hai Disha

Choose the path which you want to, not the one others want you to. Alag hai disha is a track which motivates you to do the same. The inspiring lyrics tell you to have faith in yourself and to not blindly follow a path but to blaze the trail.


5. Bas Kya Ba

Bas Kya Ba is a colloquial term meaning “Don’t underestimate us”. Slang language is often looked down upon. Colloquialisms and slang isn’t simply words and phrases for silly reasons. It has deep ties to culture and helps communities to maintain their unique identity. And this is how Gully Gang with their talent is able to bring it into the mainstream. Bas Kya Ba is a prime example of how they do it with effortless swag and style so that everybody can see themselves reflected in their art.


Listen up Punya Paap here:


And our fav 3:59 here:


if you like some mirchi then play Mirchi by divine here:


These songs definitely help us realize the power of music and power of music. Gully Gang’s way of storytelling is so influential because it beautifully captures their spirit and their journey. And that is why millions are able to see themselves in their content which explains Divine’s and his Gang’s unbelievably huge fan following and continuous streak of smash hits.


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