Our Favourite Hilarious Picks by The Comedy Factory!

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it’ -Robin Williams. Well Comedy Factory is here to keep that spark of madness inside you alive. Sit back and watch their top 5 videos and let your crazy,goofy side be in control for some time.

1. Garba shuffle

Garba- the heart and soul of Gujarat’s culture. Ever thought of what happens when absolute fan favorite Gujarati songs meet with Bollywood bangers. This video is the perfect way to start your Garba session and if you don’t dance to this you are missing on a lot of fun.


2. Gujju PUBG

For all the PUBG lovers out there!!! From the goofy usernames to the hysterious banter while playing the game will leave you rolling on the floor. Celebrate your PUBG mania with this video. And we are sure that the song at the end will become your PUBG anthem.


3. Kaala Chashma Parody

The chartbuster of 2016 reimagined as a love story of a typical Gujarati couple. This rendition will make your body move to the rhythm with true Gujju Swagger. We promise it will completely change the song for you and you will crack up everytime you listen to the original after watching this.


4. GJ Rickshawala

The struggle of finding a rickshawala is real. However, with their genius writing skills and perfect comic timing The Comedy Factory turns this struggle into something that will set you off on a stream of uproarious laughter. The editing and sound effects take this to another level, showing us that they are constantly innovating and changing the rules of the game. And that is the exact reason why this video is such a fan favorite.


5. Gujju UNO 

A little trivia for you: This is the most edited video of The Comedy Factory. The original was around 20 minutes long. So take a step back and relive the lockdown memories of playing board games with your friends and family. Perhaps this one will also help that one friend who keeps forgetting all the rules over and over again. Also make sure to show this to that one person who keeps changing the rules according to their own will.


Is your stomach hurting because you laughed so hard? Well we thought so here is one more dose you must watch here :


The Comedy Factory is hysterical and so are their artist Manan Desai, Ojas Rawal, Chirayu Mistry, Aariz Saiyed, Deep Vaidya, Om Bhatt who always leaves you with a real belly laugh. So next time be prepared before watching any of their videos.


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