Meghdhanush – The Fusion of Folk and Rock

Meghdhanush’s art is synthesised by the organic blending of different influences which have shaped their life and hence their sublime tracks find a way to connect with the old and the young. 

Meghdhanush is a fusion band from the soil of Gujarat. They made a breakthrough in 2014 with their cover of the famous Shaktiman series. Fans loved it and the internet buzz led to their performances on various TV channels including SonyTV and MTV. They were the winners for the fusion genre on MTV Indies. Meghdhanush’s collaboration with Divya Kumar for “Baawari” gave a further boost to their fame. They have performed at various music festivals across the nation and also entertained audiences in Turkey and SriLanka. The band has released two critically acclaimed albums – Miljas and FolkRang which have multilingual tracks including very famous “Mor Bani Thangat kare and Kasumbi No Rang”. Meghdhanush with their signature style have secured their spot as the masters of fusion music in India. 

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