From Speedcubing to FANart- My Yashraj Mukhate FANstory!

Sometimes people amaze us with their constant support, love and generosity. Artists are always feel this, when their fans end up doing some gestures which are unexpected but one of its kind. In case of Yashraj Mukhate, he has been surprised and impressed him when he found out that one of his fans made his portrait using 500 rubrics.

Sumeet Dwibedy uploaded a video on his YouTube channel which was a sped up montage of this process which took hours of patience and hard work. You can watch it here

Art speaks where worlds are unable to explain. And what Sumeet Dwibedy has done is a prime example of this. With his talent and skills he has expressed his deep love and support for his favorite artist. And fans like these are what help the artists sustain the magic and add value to the fandom. 

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