Everything there is to Know about the Classic Rhyming Rakesh Tiwari!

Defining him by using a few words is not possible for he contains multitudes. Rhyming Rakesh Tiwari’s art provides us a window into his rich and deep experiences. He is a poet and storyteller who has a staggering number of ardent fans and followers. He has performed on various platforms like Kommune India, Unerase poetry and even TEDx. On his own YouTube channel where one can find poems on a plethora of topics. His podcast “The Millennial Kavi” on JioSaavn has also received much love and appreciation from his fans. His poems are pearls of wisdom and waves of emotion infused with heartwarming love and beauty of Hindi language. 

For the love of Hindi Rhyming Rakesh Tiwari’s official merchandise is all you can have it here.

Official Merch – https://www.creativeideas.store/rhymingrakeshtiwari

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/RhymingRakeshTiwari/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/the_rhyming_tiwari/


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