Aditi Raval – Top 5 Videos to Inspire the Wanderlust in you!

Wherever she goes, she goes with her whole heart and gracefulness. Aditi Raval has taken us along on her journey to various destinations. If you are secretly hoping to travel but can’t her videos will feed your wanderlust. So sit back and watch her top five videos with us.

1. Saputara – Dang Forest

The arresting beauty of the hills, the magical feel while seeing the clouds, the sound of the river. In this video Aditi showcases the sunrise point, table view point, sarpanga lake, shabri dham and many more tourist attractions located in saptura and the dang district. While seeing the clips of Aditi driving through the road we feel as if nature is whispering to us. Giving us the message to preserve what we have and restore what we destroyed because the greenery of the trees and the slight breezes will bring us joy that the big cities never can.

2. Somnath Temple

Somnath is believed to be the first among the twelve jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. In this video Aditi takes us to the temple which means so much to devotees across the globe. We see the splendid architecture and the rich traditions, culture and heritage it is associated with. The resplendent beauty of the surrounding is also beautifully highlighted. The laser show and the evening aarti are the heart and soul of the video. Watch this when you need peace and quiet your mind and hope that you will make it through all the challenges with the blessings of Lord Shiva.

3. Trip to Statue of Unity Part 4

The long wait is finally over in part 4 of the series. We get to see the statue in every way possible down to the most intricate details. The Iron Man of India who unified the nation in times of distress and hatred seems to be appealing to us to maintain the same spirit of unity we as a nation stand for. The video perfectly displays this wonder of architecture as well as the feeling every citizen of India has after looking at Sardar Vallabhai Patel and what he stood for.

4. Shivrajpur Beach

We often express the wish to travel to the “Tropical Paradise of the World” – Maldives. But we often overlook the destinations we have in our country. One of them is the Shivrajpur Beach which is also one of the eight certified blue flag beaches of India. The mind blowing cinematography and the panorama of the beach shown will bring you the peace and joy even if you are sitting in your own home. Aditi has also made efforts to explain the meaning of blue flag beaches and educating us about the environmental concerns we should always have in mind.

5. Zarwani Waterfall

A 5-minute video showing the fun of road trips. The simplicity of the people of Gujarat and the mesmerizing beauty of the waterfalls. It is a short video but made by the depth of a huge heart which is why you can visualize the smile on her face while she is narrating. The glory of water bodies and the captivating greenery will surely soothe your soul and leave you in a state of serenity.

We are confident in saying that these videos were highly inspiring and made you think about the times you had most fun. They showed us the importance of travelling. And more than anything else the majestic beauty of nature and the resplendent beauty of Gujarat and its culture.


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